Move Out Process

We hope you have enjoyed your stay with us. 

Please remember that when it comes to the next leg of your journey whether that is renting or buying a home in this area or another we are here to help you.

If you are interested in Buying a home please be sure to give us a call first.  We can make sure you have a buyer’s agent with your best interests in mind.  We have a very extensive network of Realtors all over the United States so no matter where you go, we have you covered

We are very fortunate to work with great renters and typically are able to fully refund the majority of our security deposits.  If you need cleaning references for your move out clean be sure to ask. If you have any items in the home that were damaged during your stay, please bring them up to us and we can recommend one of our approved handymen to repair any of those items before your move so you will not have to worry about them during the move out.


Please follow the listed steps to insure a smooth and easy move out process.

  • Fill out the form below to ensure we receive proper notice that you will be moving out.
  • Please remember to review your lease to ensure you are giving enough notice, Late notice may result in additional rent due.
  • Call to line up your move out walk though. In most cases your lease will end at noon at the end of the month. Please keep in mind, depending on the number of move outs we have the same day, a noon appointment may not be available, however, we will try to schedule the walk through as close to that time as possible.
  • At the move out time the home:
    -Must be vacant.
    -All cleaning and carpet cleaning must be complete.
    -Any paid cleaning receipts must be left on the kitchen counter.
    -Lawn must be mowed within 1 day or Snow fully removed that same day.
    -Yard maintenance must be complete, weeds pulled, leaves removed, etc.
    -All trash cans must be empty and all household and yard debris removed from the property.
    -All utilities must remain in your name until the time of move out.
  • At the time of move out, any cleaning or repairs needed to return the home to the same condition as when you moved in, can be assessed to your deposit refund.