Goodall Properties has been working with investors a number of ways over the past Decade.  With a growing team we are able to offer solutions to a number of problems investors have.  Positive cash flow is what makes our real estate projects such a secure investment. We offer you a terrific way to grow wealth, prepare for retirement, and produce a passive residual income.

Why are we here? 

We have one goal, to make owning investment real estate a passive and easy process for our investors.


Private Money Investing

If you have an interest in investing passively in real estate, and you don’t have the time or desire to deal with the hassles of managing rental properties, then we have an opportunity for you.  This can take many different forms and can range from investing a few thousand dollars to millions of dollars deployed in any one or multiple investments.

Asset Investing

If you invest in Real Assets on an Individual basis we assist in managing the process to make sure your investment stays passive for you.