Hi Charles, Cheryl, & Andy-

Thanks so much for inviting us to your Open House. It was very nice and we enjoyed being there. Food was delicious. Thanks for the decorated pumpkin and basket of mums. They fit in nicely with my other fall décor. You always do a great job for your clients. I will continue to recommend you to anyone needing real estate services. Take care & God bless!

Love & Gratitude,

- Jerry & Joanne DeDecker

Cheryl is a topnotch Realtor, who helped us through an unusually long and time consuming purchase of our home at Legacy Point.  She was well informed and patient with details and made our purchase remarkably smooth and uneventful.  We recommend her highly to anyone in need of a knowledgeable and considerate Realtor.

- Ed and Nadine Braley

We worked with Charles Goodall recently when we were in need of a rental property.  He was fast and efficient, very accommodating with our situation ( we rented a house in Des Moines from Denver) and courteous.  When the time came for us to buy a house he was able to help us negotiate the terms in our lease to allow us flexibility to move when we found our house.  Luckily we had Cheryl Goodall on our side to find us a house! She was wonderful to work with! She was very flexible with her time, prompt to appointments, thorough in her dealings with other realtors as well as very informative about the home buying process.  We wholeheartedly recommend the Goodall team for all of your real estate needs! They give a personal touch we have not received in the past from any other professional!


- Chris and Leah Clausen

When our world was ready to turn upside down, Charles and Cheryl stepped in and took over one of the most important responsibilities, selling our house.


They were very professional and quick to respond.  We had to go through a relocation company who contacted Charles and Cheryl and in turn Cheryl called us within a few hours.  They were timely and dependable.  They had a stager come in and go through our house to get the house ready for sale.  It took us a week to prepare our house before we could put a FOR SALE sign in the yard.


Charles and Cheryl were very respectful.  They listened to our ideas, suggested a few of there own.  They were very good at working around our needs.  My husband was already gone out of town and I was still trying to work full time.  With everything that were able to do for us the house sold in less then a week.


I would recommend Charles and Cheryl to anyone who needs to sell their house quickly,  If you listen to what they know: through a great deal of experience. There is no reason your house cannot sale quickly.  Even though the housing market is very depressed there are still buyers out there for you house.


- Larry & Connie Traywick

I would like to reach out and thank the Goodall Team for all of their efforts in assisting me in purchasing my new home.  Cheryl took the time to come out and show me the house on several occasions while making my decision.  She explained things to me in lea-mans terms so that I could understand exactly how the process would work.  They were very knowledgeable about all the aspects of the process.  Not only did Cheryl go above and beyond during the sale, but she has also called and stopped by a few times to check on me and how things were going.  Customer Service like that is hard to find these days. So THANK YOU GOODALL’S!


- Oscar Kennard

I would like to thank you for your help in finding the perfect home. Charles and Cheryl are extremely knowledgeable of the market and knew exactly what I was looking for. I wanted an easy transaction where I could trust the people I was working with. Through much of the process, I was able to stay hands off. I knew they were the experts and I didn’t need to worry. I couldn’t believe how fast and easy the entire process was. I told them what I wanted and they found it in less than a week. I dreaded going through the mortgage process and playing middle man between the bank and the realtor. With the Goodall Team, Charles and Cheryl spoke directly with Andy at Iowa Mortgage Professionals and I spent no time relaying messages. Again, with Andy handling my loan I didn’t have to sweat the details. He walked me through my options and explained what was in my best interest. The home inspection with Dave was swift, thorough, and enjoyable. I was unpacking boxes in my first home in just over 30 days from when I started looking. I can’t thank you enough for your help.


- Curtis Head

Just a few lines to say thank you for the superb job you did on the short sale of our home.

When you took on this short sale we warned you and gave you every opportunity to pass on this listing. We knew it would be anything but a gravy train and wanted to give you the opportunity to say thanks, but no thanks. In spite of our warnings you took the listing anyway.

The challenges were many, the obstacles tough, the commission dwindling as the seller found new demands on the buyer every week. In spite of this all you treated this as if it were a million dollar sale.

Your patience and professionalism shone through in this difficult time in our life.

Thank you again Cheryl. Your help in the sale of our house will not be soon forgotten.


- Joe and Cindy Sieber.

I have known Charles/ Cheryl/ Andy for many years.  When it came time to purchase my house, I knew right where to turn for help.  Charles showed me many properties and we finally found one within the price range and location I was looking for.  Charles provided great service and was very knowledgeable about the entire process. I’m highly satisfied and would recommend the Goodall Team to anyone.

- Nate Arnold

I did not think I needed a purchasing agent because I had already chosen the house I wanted to buy. I’m so glad I took my friends advice and called Cheryl Goodall.  I had no idea there were so many details involved in buying a house and getting the financing.  They got me a great interest rate and pushed it through in record time.  I cannot thank them enough for their professionalism and personal interest in helping me through the process.



- Sherry Fransisco 

Hey Charles and Cheryl we just want to drop you a note and tell you we made it safe and sound to Parma Idaho. Everything went real well. We also want to again thank you for all you did for us making our move out here so much complete. It sure seems like allot of work on every ones part but you yourself understood what we needed to do and it got done. Thanks again Charles. You are the man! Thank your mom for us too!


- Paul and Karen Lawson

Cheryl & Charles


I wanted to express my amazement and appreciation for your services with me in selling my home and helping me find a rental as I processed my move.

From the time that Cheryl worked with my Daughter and Son-In-Law to sell their home and patiently help them find a beautiful acreage that they have been able to call their home, To the Mother who tagged along thinking about selling her home but not sure yet.  You tolerated freezing temperatures and no electricity at one home to satisfy my curiosity of what was inside.  When the time came that I was serious in selling my home you allowed me time to do the whole “For Sale by Owner” thing to no success.  When I called you and Charles to hand things over, you presented me with a very professional and honest evaluation of my home.  Once again Cheryl you patiently waited for me to process the information and when I presented my terms you where very understanding.  Through your resources you where able to help get carpeting installed in no time, had a stager help get the home ready, listed my home, showed it to individuals when their realtor was not available and SOLD IT within 3 days!!!  Whew


My home place is now sold and I really did not have anything in mind to buy, through our talking Cheryl, and my wondering if renting was the right option for me you suggested a townhouse.  Because of the rental terms of only six months and my job you took your own time and went to the association meeting and asked for an extension to the term.  Success, everyone was understanding and allowed me a 9 month rental term.


Moved and settled the place felt like home.  When I decided to put an offer in on the property I was renting you allowed Charles to work with me as you were the listing agent.  Everything was great – right?  No, when I went to get pre-approved for my loan, my lending institution over looked the fact that the property was a Townhouse and had different lending restrictions.  Cheryl once again calmed me down and took things into her own hands.  After calling different lending agencies she herself found a contact for me to follow and it was a match.


Life is good now, my new townhouse is wonderful, the neighbors are very caring and best of all my two adult children are within 10 miles on both sides of me.


Again Thank You both for your patience and understanding in helping me through a process that I was not familiar with but definitely you both are at the TOP in.


- Cheryl Hawbaker 

We were so thankful to have Cheryl as our realtor! She listened very carefully to what we wanted, always giving us great advice but still letting us make our own decisions.  She worked to always operate on our schedule and make the buying process as easy as possible.  Thanks to her efforts, we were able to purchase a great house rather quickly. We definitely recommend her to prospective buyers!!



- Adam & Jillian Aurelio

Charles and Cheryl,

We cannot thank you enough for all of services that you provided to our family. It was so reassuring to know that while we did not live in the same state any longer our home was under excellent care.  You consistently found wonderful, trusting tenants to rent our property and when it came time to sell you found a buyer in an amazing time frame, especially given the market conditions. Thank you for all of your help over the years. It is nice to know that there are still excellent, professional, trustworthy people out there.


- Heather and Brett Bridgeman

Dear Cheryl,

Michael and I want to thank you for helping us find “our house!” We certainly didn’t realize how lucky we were, when we met you at an open house in Waukee last year! Although we probably should have, because even that day, you not only showed us through the open house, but after closing time, you also took the time to show us through two other houses in the neighborhood! From that day on, you regularly sent us emails of houses that met our specs, until we finally sold our house in Grinnell and were ready to do more than just look! Then, you must have spent not just hours, but days, sifting through all the houses on the market, and then taking us to see places until we found “our house!” Your patience with us through all of this was wonderful! We now consider you not only our realtor, but our friend! Cheryl, if you ever need a reference, Michael and I would be happy to give you the highest rating!! Thank you so much!!


- Michael and Lorna Pollock

I just wanted you both to know how much I appreciate your amazing service.  I really don’t think I would have ever sold my house without your experience and expertise.  I would and will be passing your name on to anyone who asks for an excellent Realtor.


- Shelley Hansen

Cheryl & Charles,


Marvilla and I thank you both for your patience, professionalism, and perseverance with the sale of our home in Windsor Heights. A job well done in spite of a very depressed housing market.  Your counsel and support were very much appreciated by Marvilla and I.


- Bill and Marvilla Grismer

Cheryl and Charles Goodall were very nice to work with. They were polite and always fulfilled their promises. They are very loyal and trustworthy to their customers. We would use them again. If anyone has any questions about their work we would be happy to visit with them.

- Sincerely, Russ and Ruth Beaman

I wanted to personally thank Cheryl and Charles for your outstanding service with the sale of my home.

You were so prepared in our first meeting, and the information, knowledge and advice you gave me was exceptional! As you know, it was very hard for me to let go of my first home. You both made it so easy and I could not have done it without your patience and efforts.

I will remember your kindness always, and would recommend anyone looking into renting vs. selling to work with Goodall Properties.

- Thanks again, Ruth Ann Zarley

First of all, Charles Goodall was referred to us by an agent in Burlington, IA, which I think speaks pretty highly of him. This agent was from a different firm.

He met us early in the morning knowing we only had two days to look for a house. When we finished that day, we ask him what was the most number of houses he had shown someone in a day. He replied, “Today- we looked at 17 houses.” He drove us around, always opening and closing the house doors for me, and after a few houses, he knew what we were looking for. He kept his appointments on time and just let us look and answered the questions we had. He was very polite and knowledgeable. He even helped us with referring electricians, furniture stores, etc.

I left messages and he always returned my call within the day.

One night in October, 6 months after we had lived in our new house, he showed up with a big ole painted pumpkin just as a gift to us. I’ve never had that kindness shown to us and we’ve moved 8 or 9 times.

Charles has a great future and a great attitude and I know he puts in a lot of hours over and above what is expected. It was a fun experience looking at houses with him. We learned things we did not know before. I remember how nice he looked in his suits. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone.

- Well pleased customer, Carol and Chuck Shellmyer, Ankeny IA

The Goodall Team was honest, extremely knowledgeable, and flexible to work with as they led us through our home sale.  In a challenging market they provided us with advice and expertise that walked us through the important decisions that go with selling a home. We are glad we chose them as our realtors and are happy to be able to recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.

- Jim and Samantha Heithoff

I first met Charles when I was called to active duty at Camp Dodge. My wife and I were looking for a place to rent in the general area when I came across the Goodall website. I contacted Charles and within a couple hours Charles returned my phone call and met with us that day to look at town houses he managed. He showed us three different units and we chose the one in Grimes close to my work. He was one of the best land lords I have had, answering our calls in a timely manner and having any issues fixed usually within 24hours.

One year later I was fortunate to acquire a full time job at Camp Dodge and blessed to find out or family was expanding so it was time to buy a house. Charles was so professional during our renting experience that we asked him to help us find our house. I contacted Charles on Saturday and he met with me that Monday morning. Being a “property virgin” I had numerous questions. Charles took the time not only to answer my questions but asked questions about what we were looking for I didn’t even think about, coming up with a list of what we were looking for. He even missed his company’s weekly meeting to make sure all my questions were answered and to go over some of the properties we had generated. With his knowledge and personal attention we were able to come up with several house choices. We were short on time since our lease ended in November so he took the time that day to take me all over the Des Moines area getting my feelings for houses that I likes didn’t like( crossing off some of the houses with the same floor plan to save us time). Three days later he showed my wife and I eight houses prior to us leaving on vacation where we found the house we loved. We wrote an offer that day and he worked that entire weekend with the seller getting us the house we loved keeping us updated through our entire trip and the buying process.

Later we found out our bank we were using was trying to pull some shady thing and Charles told us that these are some red flags. He recommended a lender who works with VA loans and could get us in our new house by the closing date we chose. We found out our bank was not only going to take three weeks over our closing date leaving us homeless for three weeks but they had in the fine print having us paying $7,000 more then discussed in closing costs!! If it wasn’t for Charles taking care of us and getting us in touch with this lender we would have lost the house at closing.

In the Army we live by 7 values (Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage) Charles showed he lives by the same. His Loyalty to his customers giving 110% of his attention to them and his wealth of knowledge making sure all questions are answered. His duty to making sure his customers are happy and making sure they see what is available. His respect to the customer’s wish list, and getting back to the customers in a timely manner. His Selfless service by working long hours and even coming in on his days off to fill out paperwork or showing the final walk through to make sure the house you purchased is still the way you saw it. His honor and dedication to his customers by taking the numerous phone calls and answering all the question no matter how trivial. His integrity to make sure the customer knows everything with the market and the houses they are looking at. Including anything that seems fishy with the purchase process.

Weather you are a property virgin like me, or a seasonal home buyer I would recommend Charles and his team without hesitation. Charles truly places his customers first making sure they are truly happy and comfortable in the house they choose and not just settling. He answers all your questions and lets you take as much time to look at every detail and not feel rushed or that your time is not important. He truly makes it easy and stress free when buying your house. His professionalism is hands down top notch. I can see why he is very successful agent. When it comes time to sell and expand in the future Charles will be the only one to represent selling our house as well as find our next house!!

Your Customer for life,



- Sergeant Anthony s. Niswander- Iowa Army National Guard

Charles did a great job for me when I bought my townhouse. He was available when I needed to work around my work schedule. He was knowledgeable, but not pushy, and he was very professional. I especially appreciated the referral to local business persons who could provide services to me since I am new to town. I feel very fortunate to have stumbled on to Charles Goodall and I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a home.


- Pam Gumm

Thanks again for everything :) I’ve been telling everyone just how easy the whole buying experience was as I had you to consult with throughout the process.

Thanks again,


- Ben Lewis

I highly recommend Charles Goodall as a professional and reliable realtor who demonstrates his honesty and dedication to the buyer. Mr. Goodall walked me through my first home buying experience. He always made himself available to help me, regardless of his schedule. He returned phone calls promptly and offered good suggestions, adding to my knowledge and making my home buying experience positive

Mr. Goodall expertise was evident, steering me in the right direction and always keen to notice details of homes. His commitment to making sure I would be comfortable and happy in my purchase was foremost. When it came to the finance part of home buying, I felt very insecure, as many previous realtors had been reluctant to assist me when learning I would be using a VA loan, which has a unfavorable reputation as complicated buying process.. Mr. Goodall proved to be helpful to me a thusly to all buyers from all financial backgrounds. He was also very skilled at explaining a very complex process to a layperson like me, without making me feel like a amateur.

My home buying situation was unique, which made me appreciate Mr. Goodall’s patience all the more. In providing service to a client, Mr. Goodall goes the extra mile. he gets to know the buyer by asking leading questions that helps the buyer understand he or she really wants. Should I need to buyer or sell a house again, I will definitely contact Mr. Goodall. I was impressed that Mr. Goodall was very resourceful and always available, more concerned with customer satisfaction than a quick sale. I liked his knowledge of the market, his wisdom in financial savings, and best of all, I liked him as a person. He is a an exemplary realtor, and I would gladly recommend him to anyone.



- Shelaine Tuytschaevers

Goodall Properties has served our family well in the last 3 years. As a young family seeking opportunities in the Des Moines Metro, we were faced with many uncertainties. Goodall Properties had the right fit for us. They found us a townhome rental for our family of five; within a year they were working to find us a house. We got the house of our dreams in a great neighborhood for the price we wanted. Recently another job related opportunity revealed itself. Goodall Reality came to the rescue, finding a buyer within 12 hours of posting our home. Kudos to Goodall Reality! Thank you for your time and commitment to serving our family’s varying needs.

- - Joe & Jessica Bormann


On behalf of Barb and me, I wanted to thank you for the great job you did representing us in acquiring our new home at Lake Panorama. We moved in Thursday night and had a great weekend getting our feet wet in our new home. Cheryl, you served us at every stage with commitment, professionalism and and an encouraging word. We are grateful for you and all you have done.

Thank you.


- Dr. Gary Rosberg

Cheryl, I want to thank you for your help during the purchase of my townhouse. I really appreciate all the time you spent providing answers to my many and varied questions and assisting me when I encountered some difficulties. You facilitated the whole process with the professionalism one would expect along with the warmth and caring that made the process personal.

Also I want to thank you for telling me about your Handyman Service. I am so glad that I called to set up an appointment. The handyman you sent to assist me was great! He was very easy to work with, offering alternative suggestions, cleaning up after himself and generally very helpful and professional.   In addition, he was very easy to talk with; although they were brief, we had good and interesting discussions on a variety of topics.

Again, thank you so much for all your help; greatly appreciated!!

- Nan Philben

Cheryl, you could not have been more helpful or thoughtful in working through this process with us.  Coming to Des Moines from small ltown Williamsburg, progressive though it be, is a big step for us.  Thanks so much for your patience and understanding.  As we looked at homes with you, you were aiding us in seeing things that were important to consider that we had not always thought of.  We have the highest regard for you and would recommend your services in a heartbeat.

- Don and Joyce