Goodall Properties has a long track record with not only individuals moving themselves in and out of the area but we also work with many of the major employers in the Des Moines metro.  No matter if you are transitioning in or out, across the country or just locally, we have a vast network of Real Estate professionals ready to help.

“Is buying or renting better for me?” Some of our clients choose to rent first and then transition into home ownership after they have first lived in the community they are interested in. The timing of this transition is always the tricky part and we are experts at guiding our clients through this process.

Have a home to sell first where you are moving from? This is a common situation. We will help you rent a home here while you are waiting for your home to sell. We will sit down and visit with you initially and go over a plan of action so when your home sells and you are ready to transition to homeownership, we will be ready. We will be your local experts so when the time is right you will not only know what you are looking for but will be able to take the next step.

 We have helped both renters and buyers move to and from every state in the nation and many foreign countries. We know you have several choices of companies and agents when it comes to your move.  We encourage you to shop around and find a company that is a good fit for you.  We will put our service up against any company in the area as we have found our customers appreciate our personal approach and greatly value our time and experience. Check out the testimonials if you want to hear from some of our clients that have been in your shoes.