Make Ready/Remodel

Are you curious about what it takes to sell a home?

Some homes can be sold without much work and some can easily be updated to sell for top dollar.  Depending on what you would like to do with your home, we have the solution for you.  When we analyze a home we often have to ask, what is more important?  Top Dollar or a Fast Sale.

There is always a good answer but it usually takes asking the correct questions.

We are often asked for advice on things like:

Should I put in granite counter tops?

Should I repaint my home a different color?

Do I need to move out first before I try to sell?

Would my house sell faster if it had a finished basement?


We often do a lot of market research to answer questions like this.  Typically the past sales and current homes on the market help answer these questions for us.  Each neighborhood can be different and we take pride in the fact we can help answer these question and even some you don’t even know you have.

When necessary we utilize a full handyman team to do updates and repairs.  We also utilize home staging to make sure everything is buyer ready.   The majority of our clients want both top dollar and a quick sale.  By constantly analyzing the market we are able to guide you through the process to make sure we are in the best position possible to get your home sold, for the most money in the fastest time possible.