Free Analysis of Your Home


Are you considering putting your home on the market for sale? There are many Realtors that will be willing to offer this analysis to help you find the value of your home so you can put on the market. It is a process of reviewing what similar homes have sold in your neighborhood and their features and sale price.

Why use Goodall Properties to provide you with this analysis?

  • We not only look at the sales but make a visit to the property to check out the unique and updated features of the home that may impact value.
  • We look at the condition of the home and make recommendations as to work that needs to be done prior to listing. We have a handyman service available for items that our clients don’t have time or the skill to accomplish themselves. We can review and evaluate the home to assure it will qualify for purchase with various forms of financing.
  • As a homeowner you need to interview the potential Realtor that will be representing you and giving you guidance with one of the most important transactions of your lifetime. The expertise level that we bring is very important to reducing stress and results in a smooth transaction. You must feel a connection with your Realtor and likewise we are interviewing you to make sure our personalities work together. We will connect often throughout this process, via phone calls, emails, texts, and personal visits. We want to know how you like to communicate. (Don’t pick a Realtor because they are your co-worker’s best friend or they live next door.) These are all reasons shared with me personally that just doesn’t make sense as a reason to select an agent. Do you remember the name of who you worked with when you purchased or sold your home in the past? Many homeowners can’t and that is sad because you should have a relationship with your Realtor like you do with your accountant, attorney, insurance salesperson or financial adviser.
  • We work at this occupation full time every day and many weeks 7 days a week. Many Realtors attempt to provide service part-time as they work for another employer. This just isn’t fair to you. We work as a team and always have a back-up so you have someone available to assist you at all times.